Pants ..Linen/cotton/harem/funky/yoga/boho  (M, L,XL) 1170
Pants ..Linen/cotton/harem/funky/yoga/boho  (M, L,XL) 1170
Pants ..Linen/cotton/harem/funky/yoga/boho  (M, L,XL) 1170
Pants ..Linen/cotton/harem/funky/yoga/boho  (M, L,XL) 1170
Pants ..Linen/cotton/harem/funky/yoga/boho  (M, L,XL) 1170

Pants ..Linen/cotton/harem/funky/yoga/boho (M, L,XL) 1170

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New twist on our popular "at ease" pants

A combination of harem pants and the lounge style pants. Something casual that you can keep both comfort and style.

Made with high quality Lenin/ cotton fabric. Flowvy, medium thin and not a see thru. Very earthy, natural feel.

The pants consist of many piece of fabric sewn together to create the drapes effect. Dropcrotch harem style pants. The sides when laid flat have 2 triangle shape back and front. Folded naturally when worn and become the drapes on the side. The leg hole curve upward on the back side. 2 side roomy pockets.

This unusual pants are the result of experimenting patches and folds. Playing with pattern. A little bit like the Origami art of Japen. It gives a very zen and simple feel and look.

Perfect for yoga in style, meditation, just do things around the house. Or dress them up with fitted top.

Simple elastic waist. Very comfortable.

Available in 3 sizes.

Waist (elastic) 28-38"
Width laying flat across the widest part 38" (just below the hip)
Hip max 39"
Length out seam longest 35"

Waist (elastic) 38-44"
Width laying flat across the widest part 42" (just below the hip)
Hip max 45"
Length out seam longest 39"

Waist (elastic) 44-50"
Width laying flat across the widest part 46" (just below the hip)
Hip max 51"
Length out seam longest 40"

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