Shawn Bolero / scarf / shawl (1205)
Shawn Bolero / scarf / shawl (1205)
Shawn Bolero / scarf / shawl (1205)
Shawn Bolero / scarf / shawl (1205)
Shawn Bolero / scarf / shawl (1205)

Shawn Bolero / scarf / shawl (1205)

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A multi-purpose scarf that can be worn as vest, bolero, scarf,shrug, shawl. A simple piece that can transform your outfit.

Made from mixed silk fabric. A blend of 75% cotton/15% rayon/10% raw silk. It is easy to care for like cotton (machine wash cold, tumble dry low, hang dry in shade) and has a lux shine like silk.

One rectangular shaped fabric. Full of detail. Trimmed on both sides with high quality crochet lace. Gathers in tiny pleats in the middle (see picture 4 for close up detail). Has a drawstring on both sides for you to play with.

Ideas to wear:
- Use it as a beautiful scarf (picture 5)
- Wrap it around your neck, then draw both strings and simply tie it at the front. Gives a sweet vest look.
- Wear it the same as the 2nd option, just pull it off shoulder a bit, then you get an off-shoulder cover. (picture 1)
- Draw the string, put over your arm and tie the string around your arm, leave the ruffled end. Do the same on your other arm and voila "bolero"! (picture 2)
- Wrap it to the side and tie on one side
- Use it as headband

More possibilities for you to discover!

A great cover for a tube dress or spaghetti strap dress. Beautiful scarf to spice up your simple outfit.

Sweet piece. Perfect gift!!

Width 30"
Length 44"

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